Naukovi Novyny, Vol 2, Issue 8, August 27, 2020

Plagiarism is a type of fraud


D. Demydenko (editor)

The desire to seem better than in reality is inherent to many people. Analysis of this desire in terms of population biology will take a long time and therefore is not worth making in this article.

One of the consequences of the above desire sometimes leads to the phenomenon of plagiarism, which was found by dedicated researchers [1] not for the first time in the works of Temporary Acting Minister of Education and Science Serhiy Shkarlet [2].

What can be done relatively quickly is to analyze what leads to the widespread plagiarism, particularly in Ukraїna.

In addition to the desire to attribute non-existent achievements to oneself (1), there are several other factors that contribute to the spread of plagiarism as a form of fraud. These include the lack of effective mechanisms for punishing plagiarism (2) and the existence of an atmosphere of forgery and fraud in both the educational and scientific environment (3). An atmosphere in which, if you don't do that, you sometimes become an outcast.

I can give a vivid example of this from my own career. In 1997, while writing my diploma thesis, I began to write it myself based on the research articles and textbooks I had read. Some time later I brought the first 3-4 pages to the diploma thesis supervisor. He began to read and was surprised and told something like: "You write so ornately. Why do you do it at all?! Take some text from our published methodical recommendations, some text from different articles, compile those pieces together and that’s it - the diploma is ready!" That is, he tried to instill in me a sense of guilt for the original work, for the real authorial text!!! Personally, I can't imagine anything more pervert than this when it comes to education and science. But in our education and science, the cult of plagiarism and forgery was created and is created by such supervisors (by the way, the one I am writing about now leads the department at the Research Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraїna).

The dominance of such perverts in the fields of education and science has led to the de facto destruction of most branches of education and science in Ukraїna.

In a case of Serhiy Shkarlet, he is most likely just a product of this perverted system, and his appointment is a kind of diagnosis for those who appointed him, which tells us that the system built by intellectual perverts is not going to be changed any time soon by the state leadership. Mostly because the vast majority of state serviceman are dedicated followers of these stagnant "intellectuals".

If a person in this system has committed acts of plagiarism or other types of academic dishonesty due to a kind of mass psychosis and under the influence of the above mentioned perverts and is ashamed of it, the solution can be advised to publically acknowledge all acts of academic fraud and renounce all articles, diplomas and positions obtained as a result of such acts. But I can not imagine that the vast majority of employees of educational and scientific institutions of Ukraїna who have committed the acts of academic dishonesty are capable of this.

Therefore, radical methods are needed to combat academic dishonesty up to making it a criminal offence.

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