Naukovi Novyny, Vol 2, Issue 12, December 31, 2020

2020 — Naukovi Novyny`s summary

D. Demydenko (editor)

The most important topic in 2020 was the COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 was the main object and the subject of the biomedical research in the world. Increasing temperature of the Earth's atmosphere, leading to an increase in the frequency of mutations in general and mutations of viruses in particular, and therefore to the appearance of their particularly dangerous species, (2) increased number in certain regions (it is not applicable to Ukraїna) and density (urbanization) of the planet's population, (3) dis-balance of the immunity of the human individuals due to excessive stress, both social due to overpopulation and the increasingly common unnatural way of life, and chemical and other pollution of the environment may cause greater frequency of pandemics in the future than in the past. Investments in infrastructure for rapid development and production of vaccines will help to cope with possible future pandemics. A popularization of natural healthy lifestyle, deurbanization and the fight against global warming will help to solve not only the problems of pandemics.

This year, the first competitions of the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Ukranїa were carried out. NRF is headed by Leonid Yatsenko [1] and the legal framework for its existence and functioning was created in 2015 [2]. Despite the existence of the problems in organizing and conducting the first competitions [3], in general the movement towards competitive transparent distribution of funds for research after adequate peer review is a welcome change, and mechanisms laid down in legislation to control the activities of the NRF are likely to lead to improvement in its operation in the near future. But analyzing the results of the first competitions [4], in which slightly more grants were awarded to institutes of the academies (about 52-56%) compared to higher education institutions (about 42-47%), we can say that scientists of higher education institutions are in general won the first competition, considering the fact they receive about 10 times less basic funding for research from the state compared to the academies.

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraїna (NASU), which many scientists believe is more like a religious organization or organization established to meet the vanity ambitions of its members, than is a scientific organization, which is concerned about the progress of science and solving the problems of society and state, has got a new president Anatoliy Zagorodny [5]. This is unlikely to lead to radical reforms of NASU, not only given the respectable age (69 years) of the new president, but also given the essence of its creation and existence described above. Wide and deep ties of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraїna in government structures have led to the fact that its planned budget for 2021 (about 5.2 billion UAH) is about 10 times larger than the planned budget of the NRF (about 583 million UAH) for 2021 [6]. Competitive transparent distribution of funds is not for NASU. The same can be said about NAMSU (National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraїna), whose planned budget (about 4.8 billion UAH) for 2021 is not much smaller than NASU`s budget [6]. Transferring the academies research institutions to universities, significant workforce downsizing and transformation of their presidiums (top governing structures) into public or private organizations - that would seem like logical steps of the government of a country in an actual state of war for more efficient use of resources for research, including research to improve defense capabilities.

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