Naukovi Novyny, Vol 1, Issue 8, August 29, 2019

Independence Day/Restoration of Independent State Day in a certain context of history


D. Demydenko (editor)

The period, which began in USSR on August 5, 1937 and lasted until 1938, has become known as the Great Terror [1].The main acting person in planning and management of these events was a man of unconventional sexual orientation "ethnic Russian with Lithuanian roots" Nikolai Ezhov [2, 3]. On August 5, the international community commemorates the day of the victims of the Great Terror; a significant part of these victims were shot in the Sandarmokh tract [4, 5], Republic of Karelia, Russia. As a result of this terror, also much of the Ukrainian cultural and intellectual elite was eliminated.

On August 12, 1962, Pavlo Popovich [6], the first ethnic Ukrainian cosmonaut, sang in the Earth's orbit the Ukrainian song written by Mykhailo Petrenko that became folk song "I am Looking at the Sky and Thinking a Thought" [7, 8], which became the first song performed by a human being outside the planet Earth.

On August 24, Ukraine celebrated the 28th anniversary of independence/restoration of independent state. Still, few of those far from studying history look comprehensively at the history of Ukraine of the last 3.5 centuries since the beginning of a forced alliance with the Moscow kingdom in 1654, which turned to attempts of colonization, assimilation, and genocide for Ukraine and the Ukrainians (which was strangely reflected in the first song sang in space), trying to understand the consequences of these relations with Moscow. An effort to take a holistic view of history and its implications for the linguistic and partially cultural environments of Ukraine is made in the article "You speak/write/sing in Russian in Ukraine because ..." in this issue of the journal. In particular, the article states that excessive tolerance can be destructive and I will add, that both from point of view of logic and from point of view of biology.


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