Science in the programs of presidential candidates

February 28, 2019

Below are quotes from the programs of the presidential candidates for the next elections of the President of Ukraine on March 31, 2019. The programs were taken from the website of the Central Election Commission ( http://www. cvk. gov. ua/pls/vp2019/WP001 ). The quotes are only from those candidates programs, in which the word "science" refers to the scientific field. In some candidate programs, the word "science" does not occur at all. The names of the candidates in Ukrainian are given as they are given in the candidates program texts. The names in English do not necessarily correspond to officially used by the candidates.

Безсмертний Роман Петрович (Roman Bezsmetrnyj)

● Priority financing of research and development for the military-industrial complex and allied industries.

● Changing the Principles of Financing Fundamental and Applied Science.

Богомолець Ольга Вадимівна (Ol’ga Bogomolets)

● Strengthen and provide state support for inbound medical tourism with the involvement of scientific and medical facilities of the leading institutions of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

БОГОСЛОВСЬКА ІННА (Inna Bogoslovska)

● Reorganization of universities into centers of education and science.

● Participation and financing of global scientific projects on the principles of private-public partnership. Exemption from taxes for the cost of the brought up scientific product.

Юрій Бойко (Yurij Bojko)

● Let's restore the connection between science and production . . .


● Preservation and development of high-tech and science-intensive industries, competitive in foreign markets.

Олександр Ващенко (Olexandr Vaschenko)

● Creation of a national network of centers for scientific and technological creativity of youth . . .


● My team will bet on innovative development and modernization of the country, on scientific progress. We will collaborate with best experts in the world, scientists, engineers, developers and use the latest trendy world-wide ideas and technologies. We will build scientific cities, factories and plants, create "silicone valleys" and develop educational centers.

Гриценко Анатолій Степанович (Anatoly Grytsenko)

● . . . The state defense ordering will become a tool for the development of fundamental science . . .

● . . . will be the Pan-Ukrainian census of the population and, on its basis, grounded plans of development of economy, education, science . . .

● . . . There will be no funding for education, science, culture, medicine and ecology on the residual principle . . .

Василь Журавльов (Vasyl’ Zhuravliov)

● . . . the development of military science, the priority financing of military research and development, primarily in the field of high-precision weapons;

● . . . state support and financing of the development of priority areas of science and technology as the basis for the creation of high tech;

Каплін Сергій Миколайович (Sergij Kaplin)

● Development of the national military-industrial complex on the basis of the state defense orders, development of the national military science and the people's army

● . . . the introduction of programs aimed at the development of domestic education, science and culture, ensuring their budget financing in a corresponding ratio to GDP at the level of developed European countries . . .

Юрій Кармазін (Yurij Karmazin)

● . . . the formation of a state demand (ordering) for scientific research of political and economic activity of society, of defense industry, of economically-profitable investment projects, of popular science and historical films, theater performances;

● . . . state support and preferential taxation of Ukrainian-language science-educational and artistic publishing houses . . .

Руслан Кошулинський (Ruslan Koshulynskyj)

● Direction of state support to high-tech, science intensive, innovative, import-substituting and vertically integrated industries.

● Encourage the return of Ukrainian scientists from abroad. Bring the patent laws of Ukraine in accordance with leading international practices. To provide scientists with a payment of at least 25% of the amount received from the sale of patent rights for their invention. Increase funding for fundamental research.


● Developing a closed cycle of innovation, which includes education, research, technology development, batch production, product promotion, market opening, sales support.

Кривонос Сергій Григорович (Sergij Kryvonos)

● Implementation of a transparent system of grant support for basic scientific research ensuring the integration of science and education.

Кива Ілля Володимирович (Illia Kyva)

● Scientific centers will be established on the basis of leading universities, which will significantly increase our competitiveness and enable our young scientists to develop and carry out research in the field of mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, aviation and energy . . . .

● We will increase the social status of scientists, researchers and engineers - all who move the domestic science forward and achieve success.

● We will introduce a grant system for financing research and development.

Литвиненко Юлія Леонідівна (Yulia Lytvynenko)

● . . . Ukrainian specialists (scientists) should be urgently involved in exchange programs and projects of international cooperation.

● Progressive research needs government grants and support from private philanthropists.

Олександр Мороз (Olexandr Moroz)

● The state budget will fully finance the breakthrough science.

Наливайченко Валентин Олександрович (Valentyn Nalyvajchenko)

● Increase budget financing of science to 3% of GDP and raise wages of scientists to a level that would stop the outflow of the human resource.

Роман Насіров (Roman Nasirov)

● Grant programs for the development of science-intensive research.

● Financing (public and private) applied and theoretical science, research institutes.

НОВАК Андрй Яремович (Andrij Novak)

● The introduction of science as the basic platform for state and society development. To achieve the growth of the role and weight of scientists in society through the combination of interests and opportunities of science and environments of life.

● To consolidate the legislative procedure for making state decisions on the basis of a comprehensive scientific study of their prospects and consequences.

● Make the educational process in institutions of higher education a permanent scientific and production activity.


● We will harmonize the structure and content of our education and science with European standards . . .

● A separate priority is to support Ukrainian science and promote its closer interaction with the real sector.

АНДРІЙ САДОВИЙ (Andrij Sadovyj)

● To introduce competition among higher education institutions through project financing of science and innovations for the 10 best universities identified on a competitive basis.

● Returning science to universities, and universities will be released for research and competition. Launch grant support programs for research in Ukraine . . .

Олександр Леонідович Шевченко (Olexandr Shevchenko)

● We will combine the scientific, expert and intellectual environment as a permanent institution of philosophical and expert reflection and strategic planning of the progress of the state in a rapidly changing world.

● . . . the reform of education and science . . .

● . . . to actualize the national science.

ВІТАЛІЙ СКОЦИК (Vitalij Scotsyk)

● Financing applied and theoretical science as the basis of the modern economy should increase significantly. The scientist - a person who opens the door to the future of the world and his/her role is no less than politicians, and often much more. So the reward should be appropriate. Domestic science should reorient to more active interaction with production in all possible sectors.

Ігор СМЕШКО (Igor Smeshko)

● state regulation and stimulation, as well as preservation and development of high-tech and science-intensive industrial production , venture and investment projects;

Тарута Сергій Олексійович (Sergij Taruta)

● Science will be the basis of the innovative economy of Ukraine, at least 3% of GDP will be allocated to its financing.

Тимошенко Юлія Володимирівна (Yulia Tymoshenko)

● . . . the priority of all of our Ukrainian life is determined by nurturing, education and science.

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