Naukovi Novyny, Vol 1, Issue 11, November 28, 2019

The Act of War


D. Demydenko (editor)

The Ukrainian mentality, for the most part prone to democracy, tolerance, development and freedom of personality, is the antithesis of the imperial mentality of the ruling upper classes of the country now called the Russian Federation. Moreover, this mentality is incompatible with the functioning of a totalitarian empire, and this form of government reigns and reigned on the lands east of Ukraine, regardless of what those lands were called.

And the tragedy of 1932-1933, one of the main reasons for which was the uprising of the Ukrainian peasants caused by impoverishment which was a consequence of the actions of the imperial Soviet government, was the result of the act of war in the form of an artificial famine organised by the descendants of the Moscow kingdom rulers.

This war is still ongoing in eastern Ukraine. And the world has not yet found any other weapon against the aggressor, besides also "famine", "famine" economic and financial in the form of sanctions.

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